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We work with SME's, to develop a strategy
that will improve their rankings and online visibility

SEO Strategist

There is no common map for improved online visibility, no pre-programmed sat nav to direct you to your destination. There are some common roads, common rules, but most successful small businesses, need a "Unique Selling Point" a "Unique Web Presence", "Comprehensive Plan" and a "Unique Strategy" and quite frankly need to "Try a Different Approach" to stand out above the corporation noise.

SEO For The North East, (Search Engine Optimisation)
Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Newcastle

We am based in the Stockton on Tees area - North East Of England. We understand the importance of face to face contact, so work within the Middlesbrough (Teesside), Sunderland (Wearside), and Newcastle (Tyneside) areas.

Why Is This Different? How Do The Big Agencies Work?

We you have a large budget and are a household name, SEO visibility and higher Google positions becomes much easier. A few well placed online adverts, several web site sponsorships, some well placed outreach blog posts, several authoritative paid for directories and paid for membership of "Trust" or "Review" web sites, should buy you sufficient link authority to get you noticed for certain search terms.

Having several thousand pounds a month to just "buy" their way to the first page, is how most of the "larger companies" deliver rankings. Of course knowing what to buy and where to link is still a specialist skill.

As link building can be extremely powerful, most SEO agencies, spend most of their time (and your money) on this strategy But the costs have at least grown by 10x over the last 5 years.

Are You A Smaller Business, That Cant Justify This Type Of SEO Spend!

This is why in order to compete, you have to be better on other levels. A better more comprehensive web site with great customer interaction a clear foundation audit and content to be proud of. To have a plan that at least compensates for some of the back link spend, where there is a return in investment.

We Help You On This SEO Journey

When you cant afford the "big bucks" but understand the real challenges and have a sensible budget, We can help you on the journey to better online visibility. Creating strategies you can implement yourself or let me find you talent to do it on your behalf.